Prayer Points for October 2013

October 2013– Men in the USA – Sweden – Angola


1-Many churches in the US do not emphasize a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ the result of which makes many men not very concerned with personally growing in their walk, as well as leading their family spiritually. Pray that God’s word is read in churches and homes so that God’s work gets done in the life of Christian men.

2-Pray that as the spiritual environment continues to deteriorate, that Christian men would stand up for values which honor God.

3-Pray that Christian men would invest their time, talent and treasures in matters which have eternal benefit to their family, community and church.

4-Pray that men who learn of Champions Arise will not only get involved, but also encourage others to get involved.

5-Pray that Godly fathers will raise their sons to honor and cherish the females in their life and speak up for the welfare of other women, treating females with respect.


6- We need good, spiritual fathers and examples to follow, men dedicated to God.

7- In a society, where it is important with status and wealth, we need men that do the right priorities in their lives.

8- Pray that Christian fathers will have time for their families and take care of their marriages.

9- Pray for Christian men to be involved in their churches, being like the men of Berea and checking the scriptures to see if the speaker is being true to the Word.

10- Pray that Christian men will encourage one another to grow in their Christian walk and knowledge of the Bible, rightly applying it to their lives.


11- Pray that Christian husbands would discern God’s guidance for their family as couples face a high influence of parents in their marriage, some of whom do not know God.

12- Pray for Christian husbands and fathers to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for direction in contrast to the local culture of consulting witchcraft when a family faces problems like death or lack of children. Pray that they will be willing and able to give an answer when asked why they don’t follow the local practice.

13- Polygamy is common in Angola. Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s guidance as to what to do when a polygamist comes to put his faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation, particularly what to do about the “extra wives”.

14- Drunkenness is a way of life in Angola. Pray that Christian men will be an example of not being filled with alcohol, but with the Holy Spirit.

15- High cost of living is a weighty problem in Angola causing men to have to make difficult decisions at times where finances just are not enough. Pray that Christian men will make choices that show they honor God.

16- Lack of employment and employment opportunities is a contributing factor in the high cost of living. Pray for Christian men to be creative and resourceful as they seek to provide for their family.

17- Lack of medical care in rural areas necessitates that men may not be able to care for their family’s medical needs, or their own. Pray for their safety and for good health with hygienic practices.

18- Poor educational system in rural areas reduces the capabilities of men to obtain better jobs. Pray for Christian men to be able to read and help their family learn to read, write and communicate, learning skills necessary to improve their lives and situation while growing spiritually.


19- Pray for more Christian men to support Champions Arise, in prayers and finances.

20- Pray for the writing and editing of scripts.

21- Pray for Edmund as he coordinates the initiative, seeing it through to fruition.

22- Pray for Paul Amos as he continually looks for ways to improve the Champions Arise website.

23- Pray for more men to be aware of and start using the Champions Arise website.

24- Pray for Herbert Hamm as he works with the scripts.

25- Pray for the soon completion of the toolbox.

26- Pray for the Lord to raise up men to translate the material in the toolbox into effective, God-honoring programs and material in their native tongue.

27- Pray for God to stir up the heart of men even now to receive the truth when they hear it.

28- Pray for Rinse’ and Edmund’s continued health needs to be met.

29- Pray for those working behind the scenes to help make Champions Arise a reality.

30- Pray for more existing material to be found which Champions Arise can help make known to men, helping the men to walk in Spiritual victory.

31- Pray for the men currently involved in Champions Arise to continually walk in victory of sin.