Prayer Points for September 2013

-Please pray that the few Christian fathers in the nation would be faithful to God and to their families, walking in God-pleasing righteousness and integrity.
-Please pray that Christian husbands would treat their wives with tenderness and respect, caring for their needs in ways that honor the Lord their God.
-Please pray for the church leaders to proclaim from the pulpit and their lives how to treat women in general with respect.
-Please pray for Christian fathers to raise their sons to desire to please God in all their dealings and relationships.
-Please pray that Christian men would be leaders in their community who live honest lives and are pleasing to the Lord in their interactions with those with whom they come in contact.

-Please pray that Christian men would maintain their faith amidst persecution.
-Please pray for Christian husbands to be positive examples in the community of how to honor their wives and protect their daughters.
-Please pray for Christian fathers to raise their sons to treat women with respect even when their sons’ friends and schoolmates may do otherwise.
-Please pray for the church to rely on the Holy Spirit for strength and grace to live pleasingly to the Lord in a culture that does not appreciate such.
-Please pray for church leaders to encourage their people to walk by faith, endure hardships, and pray for those who persecute them.

-Please pray for the men who call themselves a Christian to live as Christ lived, desiring to please God the Father in every action, word and thought.
-Please pray for the Christian fathers to be discerning between good and best in loving their families toward a close walk with the Lord.
-Please pray that Christian fathers would be successful in helping their sons and daughter grasp what it truly means to be successful in this life.
-Please pray for Christian husbands to love and cherish their wives as Christ loved the church, nurturing her and helping her to grow in her own walk with the Lord.
-Please pray for faithfulness among the church leaders; faithful to God, their families and their congregation.
Champions Arise requests
-For Edmund as he coordinates the administration of the initiative of Champions arise
-For Paul Amos as who is web-master for the Champions Arise website
-For those involved in writing the scripts for the audio files
-For those involved in recording and producing the audio files
-For the continued development of the “toolbox” so that soon it will be of use
-For financial needs to be met by those who are guided by the Lord to provide
-For those involved in contacting potential toolbox users
-For those involved in translation of materials into other languages
-For more people to become aware of Champions Arise
-For more prayer warriors to lift up the initiative regularly
-For men who have had a mentor who has failed morally to keep their eyes on the Lord and not the mentor
-For spiritual protection for those mentoring men to walk morally before our Lord
-For people to give of their time as well as their other resources as prompted by the Lord
-For men to be strengthen in their daily walk with the Lord
-For more Godly men to rise up and join in mentoring men to please God in their relationships