Prayer Points for August 2013

1. Please pray that Canadian men would stand up for Christian values in their workplace, in their homes and in their communities. Canada is a very multicultural country, and thus we tend to be accepting of other peoples’ values even if they contradict Christian values.
2. Pray that men would take leadership in their homes and in their churches based on the precepts laid out in the Word of God.
3. Pray that churches in Canada would put a stronger emphasis on meeting the needs of men in their communities and in the church.
4. There is considerable unemployment of men in Canada. In southern Ontario, many industrial plants have been shut down. To be employed, men have to work away from their families. Pray for unity of the family and that this situation would not become long term as it breaks down the unity of the family.
5. Pray for Christian men to be faithful to God and to their families, balancing the need to provide with the need to invest time in nurturing relationships with their families.

1. For Christian men to have an increased desire to study the Bible more intensely, learning and following the scriptural principals of being Godly in an increasingly ungodly society.
2. For Christian husbands to lead as well as love their wife with a selfless, Christ-like loving, servant leadership, enabling the family to have a positive impact on the community and culture.
3. For Christian men to stand for Biblical values in a culture which is post-Christian, becoming more and more morally bankrupt.
4. For Christian businessmen to be ethical in their dealings, and generous in their financial support ministries and missions, enabling the spread of the gospel and the impact on a hurting society, both in country and globally.
5. For Christian fathers to encourage their sons to live morally and spiritually pure lives, learning how to treat the female gender with courtesy and respect.

South Africa
1. For Christian men to display a unity of Christ-like spirit of acceptance of various ethnic backgrounds, extending help and forgiveness as needed to each other in a bond of brotherhood.
2. For Christian husbands to demonstrate firm yet tender love to their spouse and family, providing a leadership which fosters a desire in their family members to be a Christian, living with God fearing standards in contrast to society’s low view of human life.
3. For God fearing men to be at peace with each other regardless of race and history, displaying a unity among churches which results in racial healing.
4. For Christian men to teach their sons discipline and self-restraint, living morally pure lives as positive examples to a sin-drenched, aids-infected society.
5. For Christian men to be faithful to their wife and family, learning to provide for the family’s needs through hard work and integrity.