Prayer Points for May 2014

May – Austria, Nigeria, Chile

• Pray for the Austrian Christian men, that they would study God’s word and apply it to their lives.
• Pray for Christian husbands to faithfully love their wives.
• Pray for Christian fathers to help their children have a Godly perspective on money and possessions
• Pray for Christian men to love God, study God’s word and know how to apply it to daily living.
• Pray for Christian men to be leaders in their church and community, leading their families and neighbors to a deeper walk with God.

• Pray for church leaders in Nigeria, that they will have wisdom in responding to violence and persecution and that Christ will be seen and His love demonstrated.
• Many Christians were killed in Nigeria last month. Pray for the families of these victims and that the government will be given wisdom in their efforts to end the violence.
• Pray for the Christian men to be wise and Christ-like as they help Nigerians learn how to live according to the Scriptures in a land where Shariah law holds in the northern states in competition with Federal laws.
• Pray for the spiritual growth of the Christian men so that they would take positions of leadership in the churches, leading the congregations and communities in learning the Scriptures
• Pray that Christian fathers discern what to do about 234 girls who are still missing from the Nigerian school attacked recently by extremists; and how to protect their families.

• Pray for Christian men to take a stand for Jesus Christ and to faithfully proclaim mankind’s need of salvation.
• Pray for Christian men to live lives of integrity.
• Pray for Christian fathers to teach their sons how to treat females with love and respect, especially family members.
• Pray for Christian men to lead their churches to be loyal to Jesus Christ and his teachings.
• Pray for Christian husbands to love and cherish their wives and children, helping with raising their children to love and trust Jesus.

General Champions Arise Prayer Requests
• For Edmond’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
• For financial support to increase for production costs
• For awareness of Champions Arise to grow to more churches and more men
• For the translation of the scripts into Portuguese
• For the translation of the scripts into Zulu
• For the translation of the scripts into African English
• For the translation of the scripts into Afrikaans
• For the translation of the scripts into British-English
• For careful and correct paperwork to be completed and registered with proper legal authorities
• For Rinse Postuma’s continued health needs
• For the toolbox to be discovered and made use of by more men in more countries
• For English audio recordings to be made and placed on TWR360
• For Christian men to know and care how God would have them lead their families
• For Christian men who have fallen to rise up and have a closer walk with God
• For more men to rise up, built the wall and stand in the gap before the Lord for the land (Ezk 22:30)