Prayer Points for April 2014

April – Men in the Middle East – Germany – Zambia

Christian Men in the Middle East
• Please pray for our brothers who seek to honor God in the way they live and raise their family in while living in a spiritually supercharged environment where living for Jesus could cost you your life
• Please pray for Christian men who seek to esteem women in a culture where women are considered as second rate citizens, or worse
• Please keep fathers in prayer as they guide their sons to reverence women with respect and not as objects to be used and discarded
• Please pray that Christian husbands remain faithful to the Lord, their family and their church family
• Please pray that God protects the families who honor Him, serve Him, and live for Him in the presence of people who hold them to be enemies

Christian Men in Germany
• Please pray for Christian fathers to provide the spiritual training of their children, helping their children learn of God’s standards of behavior and care of His world
• Please pray for Godly men to be greatly involved in leading their church and communities, that the men would be men of integrity and compassion
• Please pray for Christian husbands to love their wives with a Christ-like love and leadership
• Please pray for Christian fathers to help their families have a Godly perspective of money and possessions especially while living in a materialistic society; that they would have a spirit of generosity to Christian ministries, exceeding that of the previous generations
• Please pray for more men to hear the Lord’s call to rise up and serve Him as He leads them into possibly new areas and arenas of service

Christian Men in Zambia
• Please pray that Christian men would demonstrate publicly and privately how to love their wives and children; providing for their welfare and treating them with dignity and respect
• Please pray that Christian men would read the scriptures with understanding and a desire to grow in their knowledge of the Persons of the Trinity
• Please pray that Christian fathers would lead their sons into a deeper spiritual walk with the God of the Bible
• Please pray that Christian fathers would teach their sons God honoring means of providing for their families
• Please pray that Christian men would desire to live morally pure lives and, in fact, would live morally pure lives

• Praise the Lord for funding being pledged for production costs of programming in three languages
• Please pray for the additional funds needed for other languages which have been identified as next targeted languages
• Please pray for Edmund in his on-going health concerns and travels
• Please pray for additional workers to be identified to join in the work of translation and production
• Please pray for those involved in forms of public relations of Champions Arise (CA) in various countries
• Please pray for good health for the spouses of those involved in Champions Arise
• Please pray for continued discovery by Christian men of the website that it may have an ever increasing impact on men, globally
• Please pray for the growing use of the CA toolbox; may there be more and more duplications and expansions of the CA toolbox so that more and more men are positively influenced by the material contained therein
• Please pray for wisdom for those involved in selecting more material to be included in CA
• Please pray for good health for Rinse P.
• Please pray for the production work taking place in Africa for making programs to be aired
• Please pray for the men involved with CA to continue to be men of integrity
• Please pray for more funding to come in to help with PR expenses
• Please pray for churches in the US, Canada and Holland to be welcoming to the ministry of CA and facilitating access to their men’s ministries.
• Please pray for the work of CA as it expands into India

“In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the Gospel from the first day until now.” Philippians 1:4-5