Prayer Points for June 2014

Greece, New Zealand, Denmark

– Pray that Greek men who look to Jesus as their Savior would be strong in their daily spiritual walk as they are few in number even though their country is home to some cities addressed by the Apostle Paul
– Pray that Christian men would be treating women with respect
– Pray for Christian husbands to love their wives faithfully and tenderly
– Pray for Christian fathers to disciple their sons in the truths of Scripture
– Pray for Christian men to be leaders in their church and community

New Zealand
– Pray that Christian men would be able to articulate the truths of the Bible so that people who are confused by many various religions would learn of their need of a relationship with their Creator
– Pray that Christian fathers would help their children study the scriptures so that they can accurately divide and discern the Bible
– Pray that Christian fathers would help their church and family to know how to get along with other believers while nurturing Spiritual growth
– Pray that Church leaders would help their communities to desire to be pleasing to God
– Pray that Christian husbands would know how help their wives develop God-Given talents and abilities

– Pray that men who claim a relationship with Jesus as their Savior would know how to graciously lead others to that same understanding
– Pray that Christian men would stem the tide of Christianity falling into complacency and apathy
– Pray for Christian fathers to inspire their sons to desire God’s will in their lives
– Pray for Christian fathers/husbands to encourage their families to have God pleasing priorities in a materialistic society
– Pray for Christian men to study the scriptures and lead their family pleasingly to God

General prayer requests:
– For production of programs in various languages to continue without delay
– For needed finances to be graciously provided by people prompted of the Lord
– For the Lord to prompt more people to give
– For good stewardship of finances given
– For the productions to produced well in quality and content
– For men to respond to the Spirit’s prompting through the program
– For the producers and announcers to live pure and holy lives
– For Edmund to have the physical health and stamina to continue to lead
– For Rinse to have the physical health and strength he needs
– For God to raise up more men to get involved as needed
– For God to richly bless those who have given time and/or funds thus far
– For God to lead in the writing of more scripts than are in the toolbox
– For more men to learn of the programs and material, stirring a desire to have it in their language and for their people
– For the men involved to lead their own family as pleasing to the Lord
– For Paul as he maintains the website to follow God’s guidance and promptings