Prayer Points for July 2014

July 2014 – Champions Arise Prayer Focus

Brazil (Currently hosting the FIFA World Cup) Please pray that:
-Christian husbands would be vigilant in being faithful to their spouses especially during this heightened time of immorality due to the “games” atmosphere of the World Cup
-Christian fathers would use this festive time to build not only their own but their sons moral discipline
-The evangelical church would minister to those hurt during and because of this festive time, reaching out to those being abused
-Christian men would help people recognize the importance of the eternal over the fleeting values of the temporal
-Christian fathers would help their daughters live lives pleasing to the Lord, avoiding the traps which today’s sensual culture falls into headlong
-Christian fathers would seize the opportunity to graciously proclaim the Gospel to the international crowds flowing into their cities, even making use of
-God fearing men would lead the local churches in ministering to their communities, building up the Biblical knowledge of the young men and, teaching them what the Bible has to say about true, pure love
-The Brazilian Christian men would hide God’s word in their heart that they may withstand the lures of the flesh
-The men ministered to at the Fermatas in the past few years would reflect on the material and find their strength renewed to minister and stand true
-The Portuguese version programs of Champions Arise would soon be produced and find their way into prepared and receptive hearts
-Funding would come in specifically for production costs of the Portuguese versions

South Africa – please pray that:
-Zulu Christian men would desire to learn of Christ and walk in His ways
-Zulu Christian fathers would be men of prayer for the spiritual growth of their families
-Zulu Christian husbands would cherish their wives and families, doing more than sit around waiting to be served but rather learning to serve and lead
-The South African Church would lead the way in nurturing and bridging relationships between formerly warring factions
-Men in South Africa would see so much value in Champions Arise that they find ways and means of contributing time, talent and/or finances
-Christian Pastors would faithfully preach the word of God in their communities, training the men to live in the power of the Holy Spirit
-The Champions Arise material and programs would soon be ministering to many South African men and boys, helping them to learn and desire God’s way of living their lives

India – Please pray that:
-Christian husbands would openly display Christ-like respect for their wives and families
-Christian fathers would teach to sons to respect women
-Christian churches would faithfully teach God’s Holy word in spite of opposition to the Gospel
-Christian men would lovingly and faithfully lead their families and local church communities is such a way as to have a positive impact on the communities
-Christian men of India would get supportively behind the CA programs