Prayer Points for January 2014

January 2014 – Men in South America – Poland – Philippines

South America
-Pray for Christian fathers to help their families honor Christ especially during the soon coming godless carnivals which are steep in sensuality and immorality
-Pray for Bible believing Church leaders to encourage and facilitate their people to study God’s word in order to rightly divide the scriptures so that their communities learn the way of salvation is a relationship with Jesus
-Pray for Christian men to train the youth in godly living so as to avoid the snares of the devil, especially the temptation of pornography
-Pray for Christian husbands to publically cherish and love their wives in a culture which tends to put down the female
-Pray for effective means to reach teenaged boys with the Gospel and teach them to honor and serve God

– It has been said that to be Polish is to be Catholic; Evangelicals are few
-Pray for the evangelical men to be Godly examples to their neighbors and co-workers in caring for and loving their families
-Pray for those men who trust Christ for their salvation to recognize God-given opportunities to bear witness to the finished work of Christ on the cross
-Pray for Christian husbands to honor Christ in the way they are faithful to their wives and families
-Pray for Christian fathers to mentor their sons in how to treat women
-Pray for Godly men to take up positions of leadership in their churches, guiding the parishioners to study the Word of God so as to begin and build a relationship with Jesus

-Pray for the leaders of the Bible believing churches to reach out to those deeply affected by the super typhoon
-Pray for the Christian men to see their own need to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh so as to be able to withstand the wiles of the devil
-Pray for sacrificial living and giving by the local believers in meeting the needs of those around them, building their own faith that God will provide for their own needs as they meet the needs of those around them
-Pray for more men to step forward to follow Christ and serve Him, realizing that Salvation comes from faith alone in the finished work of Christ on the cross
-Pray for faithfulness of our brothers as husbands and fathers and church leaders, that they would live lives of integrity and positive influence

1-Pray for the toolbox to be used and of benefit to many men in many countries
2-Pray for funding to come in for covering costs associated in the production and airing of the culturally adapted programs
3-Pray for the work of production which includes adapting the scripts, voicing the scripts and editing the programs for use by specific target groups
4-Pray for Edmund’s health as he maintains a vigorous schedule, ministering in the US and in Brazil
5-Pray for God to prompt the needed champion to come forward to lead the Champions Arise Initiative
6-Pray for God’s blessing upon the Canadian brothers who wrote the scripts for use in the toolbox and produced the three examples
7-Pray for the production work in South Africa to soon be impacting the men in that nation
8-Pray for the production work to begin in Mozambique soon after the work is in use in South Africa
9-Pray for men to be identified in various countries and cultures to begin using the toolbox
10-Pray for more prayer warriors to be alerted to Champions Arise and the need for them to lift up the initiative that more men would be impacted
11-Pray for more material to be identified to be part of the growing treasury of resources for men to get help in battling various sins and temptations
12-Pray for God to be honored in the Champions Arise initiative
13-Pray for effective and clear communications among those involved in CA
14-Pray for more men to step forward and get involved as God leads
15-Pray for the marriages of the men involved in CA to be protected
16-Pray for God to use CA exceedingly above all that we ask or imagine

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January 2014 Champions Arise Prayer Focus (PDF)

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