Prayer Points for February 2014

Champions Arise Prayer Focus for February 2014
England, Czech Republic, Vietnam

Pray for the Christian men to renew their love for Jesus and the things of God
Pray for the Christian fathers to not only lead their families in serving the Lord, but also demonstrate a servant’s heart
Pray for Christian husbands to cherish and protect their wives, publicly showing honor and respect to them and their daughters
Pray for Christian men to take up serious Bible study, developing study habits which deepen their love of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and the Bible
Pray for effective witness in the community of what a walk with God looks like

Czech Republic
Pray for the Christian men to proclaim to their family and community that not only is there a God but that God loves them and sent His only begotten Son to pay the penalty for their sins
Pray for Christian men to help lay the foundation of Biblical truth among the children, youth as well as adults in their country, the foundation which is missing due to the prevalence of atheism and decades of communism
Pray for Christian husbands to provide for their families in God honoring ways, teaching their children to be hard working and trustworthy individuals who know God personally
Pray for God honoring husbands to respect and love their wives, treating them graciously and reverently in such a way that neighbors inquire why they do so
Pray for the Czech church to truly be lighthouses in their villages and cities, renewing the Czech people’s awareness that God does exist

Pray for Christian husbands to love their families, leading them with a fear of God that exceeds their fear of man
Pray for Christian men to be growing in their understanding of the Scriptures, leading their families and friends in a deepening walk with God
Pray for protection for the Christian husbands and fathers who choose to live lives of integrity and faith in God
Pray for Christian men to have the encouragement of fellowship with other like-minded men, supporting one another, spurring each other on to love and good works
Pray for an increased harvest of men who in turn become disciples of Jesus and in turn lead others to Him

Please pray for more people for get involved financially in supporting the production of programs and airtime
Please pray for the recording of the scripts into audio files
Please pray for the prayer groups in Europe and Africa who focus on Champions Arise prayer concerns to increase in number
Please keep Edmund in prayer as he coordinates the Champions Arise initiative
Please keep Edmund’s health before the Lord so that Edmund is able to keep up the work
Please pray for work program producers in South Africa, that they would be faithful amidst the spiritual warfare over Champions Arise
Please pray for word to spread about Champions Arise among men’s groups in the US, initially in the churches around Cary/Raleigh NC and go out from there
Please pray for the tool box to be greatly used
Please pray that the programs impact many African men, educating them and encouraging them to live moral lives which please the Lord
Please pray for the marriages of the men involved with Champions Arise, that they would be strong and loving
Please pray that the website would be viewed and used by many men around the world
Please pray that translations would be well done, being faithful to content while adjusting to cultures
Please pray that God raises up more to be involved in prayer and other means of support