Prayer Points for December 2013

December 2013 – Men in Uruguay – Albania – Finland

• Pray for the Christian men to be true leaders in their homes, helping guide the family spiritually through the struggles which come along
• Pray for fathers to raise their sons to respect women and girls in such a way as is pleasing to the Lord, even when it is counter to their culture
• Pray that Christian men would capably take leadership roles in the church
• Pray that God would protect Christian men from falling to temptations which abound
• Pray that Christian husbands would love their wives by being faithful to them and helping raise their children to love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly

• Pray for the men in this country where there are few examples of older believers to follow as decades of communism has kept a generation from hearing the good news of the Gospel
• Pray that the Christian husbands care for their wives and families even when it is not the cultural norm to do so
• Pray that Christian men would witness to other men of their faith in Christ
• Pray that Christian fathers would raise their sons to respect women
• Pray that Christian husbands would grow in their faith and as a result would lead their families, communities and churches to grow in the faith

• Pray for the husbands to watch over their families in spiritual matters as well as physical and financial matters
• Pray that God fearing men would compare the sermons they hear to what the Bible says, holding their pastors to preach a clear message from the word
• Pray that Christian men would help their families learn and practice proper stewardship of what God has given them
• Pray that Christian men would encourage their children to serve the Lord in Finland and abroad
• Pray for more men to seek after and find peace with the Lord Jesus Christ

General requests
• For Edmund Spieker’s health to continue to improve (Praise the Lord!) and inner strength to keep up with the demands of ministry.
• For the Lord to touch the heart of more people (even as some have already responded to the Lord’s prompting) to help finance the ministry since finances are needed for program production and program airtime.
• For the production of the programs, including editing the text and the audio, as well as translators identified for translation of the material into other languages.
• For finalization of the tool box of programs and scripts for international use and ministry.
• For leaders to be identified (including a champion to spearhead Champions Arise) to lead the ministry in various countries/cultures.
• For more people to become aware of Champions Arise
• For more prayer warriors to lift up the initiative regularly
• For men who have had a mentor who has failed morally to keep their eyes on the Lord and not the mentor
• For spiritual protection for those mentoring men to walk morally before our Lord
• For people to give of their time as well as their other resources as prompted by the Lord
• For growth in the Dutch prayer group for Champions Arise
• For the beginning of production of programs in Africa based on the toolbox
• For men to pray for and seek opportunities to share Christ in their local areas this Christmas season
• For Christian families to reach out during the Christmas season to families who are hurting
• For Christ to be proclaimed and embraced as Savior and Lord