Prayer Points for April 2013

Four priorities when we pray:
Adoration – Confession – Thanksgiving – Supplication

Five prayer points for men in the Middle East
= For a yearning for righteousness, peace and forgiveness as modeled by Jesus Christ (Isa) the Prince of Peace.
= For eyes and understanding to be opened to the fact that hate and violence are the work of Satan.
= For men to resist the dictates of their culture and respect and honor women and particularly their wives.
= For Christian men to allow for Christ to dictate their action and reaction in these times of strife.
= For boldness for men of God to share their faith and to live for Christ whatever the cost.

Five prayer points for men in Germany
= For spiritual awakening and a return to the truth of the Bible and godly priorities.
= For passion for Christ and a willingness to share their faith and invest their lives in missions.
= For courage to stand up against political correctness and promote moral values and just laws.
= For a willingness to reach out with the love of Christ to the many foreigners who seek refuge in Germany.
= For a commitment to family values and the principles of the reformation as the basis for a healthy society.

Five prayer points for Africa
= For Christian men to be strong in the Lord and to influence their animistic society like light and salt.
= For godly men in government who live and promote Christian morals and ethics with wisdom and grace.
= For God’s mercy in stopping the senseless murder and persecution of Christians in several regions.
= For a spiritual hunger for the truth of Christ and spiritual revival in the Church.
= For men to assume their responsibility as leaders in home and family, abandoning sinful practices condoned by their culture.

PH prayer requests for Africa and Central Asia
= World leaders to stop avoiding the fact that barbaric acts of rape are happening in every country and to loudly proclaim that these horrendous acts of violence are not acceptable under any circumstances.
= Parents to understand that their daughters should not be forced into a miserable marriage. In Kazakhstan, young wives drink acid or hang themselves to escape their misery.