Prayer Points for March 2013

Four priorities when we pray:

= Adoration – Confession – Thanksgiving – Supplication (ACTS)

5 Prayer points for Hispanic men:

= For Christian men to understand and practice their Biblical role as leaders and protectors of their families.

= For men who are separated from their families for reason of work to be faithful to their wives.

= For men to live pure lives.

= For work; many Hispanic men are without work or struggling to support their families (with them or in their home countries) with very low pay.

= For a timely resolution to the present immigration situation in the US, that separates families, with disastrous results, morally, spiritually and emotionally.

5 prayer points for Brazilian men:

= For Christian men to be courageous and enthusiastic in their relationship to God.

= For men to assume their responsibility as husbands and fathers in their families.

= For men to understand that in order to be a Christ-follower it requires a real man and is not just a female issue.

= To understand that a real man doesn’t live out his temper, nor appetites or fantasies, rather is self disciplined and lives responsible before men and God.

= For Christian men to influence culture. 92% of all the prison inmates didn’t have a real father figure.

5 Prayer points for Russian men:

= For Christian men to be empowered by the Holy Spirit in order to examples
of godliness, compassion, and courage standing against complacency and fatalism.

= For Christian men to understand and address the the moral decay and hopelessness in their country.

= For Christian men who are struggling to overcome their addictions with alcohol and violent temper.

= For boldness, anointing and God’s protection for preachers and teachers who are proclaiming the Gospel in spite of the restrictions and controls of the Orthodox Church.

= For wisdom and brotherly love among believers and mutual accountability as most church groups are small and in danger to become cliquish and divided by strong personalities.

5 prayer points for American men:

= A personal, progressive Commitment to Jesus Christ. (TFP)

= A personal Commitment to character development

= A personal Commitment to meaningful relationship building

= A personal Commitment to the Church and the cause of missions

= A personal Commitment to impact the society for Christ