Prayer Points for May 2013

May 2013 – Men in Central Asia – China – Australia

Four priorities when we pray:
Adoration – Confession – Thanksgiving – Supplication

Five prayer points for men in Central Asia
– For men to understand that women should be respected and that the tradition of bride stealing is degrading and uncivilized. Bride stealing is still practiced in certain areas of Central Asia, and a young woman is most often taken without her consent. Seldom does such a bride return to her family, because this would be dishonoring to her and her family.
– For men to hear Christian broadcasts and trust Christ as their personal Saviour, growing deep in their new faith.
– For men in Uzbekistan to see their women as first-class citizens. In many cases, husbands, even sons, humiliate them. May Christian men publically demonstrate a love for their spouses and a courtesy for women in general.
– For Christian men in Turkmenistan to be willing to live for Christ and remain faithful in the midst of harassment and persecution.
– For Christian men in Tajikistan to accurately discern God’s will regarding emigrating or remaining in country as a Christian family to be a witness.

Five prayer points for men in China

– For those men imprisoned for their faith to be faithful to God in the midst of torture. Pray that the local believers help care for the families of those so imprisoned.
– For the men to correctly discern between those truly seeking God and those seeking to infiltrate their churches and report to the government.
– For more TWR church kits to be received and used to grow the church in China. Included in this request is that more western Christians donate to the TWR church kit program so that more can be delivered to needy people.
– For more Christian men to be willing to help the societal outcasts (including aids victims), especially where even the Government does not want to help.
– For Christian men to lead their families in such a way as to not only strengthen their own family but to impact their neighbors and neighborhood for Christ.

Five prayer points for men in Australia
– For us to place priority in spending time with God, reading His Word and hearing from Him. For this to become a matter of greater importance in our lives as we face increasing pressures to perform well in providing for our families in the face of increasing economic pressure and time demands.
– For us to be good teachers in our families and in our communities. Considering the increasing breakdown of Christian values within society the Christian man needs God’s empowerment by His Spirit to teach, admonish, direct and rebuke as appropriate in the right spirit.
– For Christian men to be ready and willing to share the Gospel with those around them. For boldness and Holy Spirit led conversations that reflect Jesus.
– With a drastic drop in Sunday School attendance, alternative methods must be found to reach the younger generation. As the younger generation matures, it will not have a usable base of Christian thought to call upon and build upon.
– For God fearing men to lead their churches to be strong in Christ-pleasing values.

Five prayer points for Champions Arise
– A Champion to come forward for Champions Arise
– For the Lord to touch the heart of people to help finance the ministry
– For those involved in producing the programs, including editing the text and the audio, as well as translators identified for translation of the material into other languages.
– For development of the tool box of programs and scripts for international use and ministry.
– For leaders to be identified to lead the ministry in various countries/cultures.