Prayer Points for January 2015

“Prayer should not be treated as the last resort, but rather as the place the work begins!” Thank you for doing the important work of prayer with us in TWR-CA.

Please pray for the role of men in marriage and family,

1. The Spirit of Christ to revive Christian men so that they will love God with all their heart, soul and mind and model before their families the qualities of divine love and godly character.
2. For husbands to obey God’s command to love their wives unselfish and sacrificially. Not ruling by force or control, rather by Christ-like love as they themselves submit to the Lordship of Christ in their own lives.
3. That Christian men purpose in their hearts to pursue the discipline of devotion, spending time in the Bible, prayer and seeking more depth in their walk with God.
4. For Fathers to be men of the Word and to teach their children the precepts and values of the Bible. That they invest quality time with their children providing them with a framework of godly principles that can guide them to the right life-choices.
5. For Men to understand their responsibility to provide their children with a stable home where differences are worked out respectfully and not in strife, and where each esteems the other better than themselves.
6. For healing of relationships between couples. The George Barna foundation states that the divorce rate among Christians and non-Christians is equal saying: “We rarely find substantial differences between the moral behavior of Christians and non-Christians.” Pray for couples to humble themselves before God and each other in order to avoid the catastrophic results of divorce.
7. For fathers to learn from their heavenly Father how to care lovingly for their children, modeling before them moral strength and character. The void of a significant relationship between father and child can create, what is called “Father hunger,” which demonstrates itself in insecurity, lack of self worth and can lead to promiscuity.

Please pray for Christian men at the work place and in society

8. For Christian men to develop friendships with one another and hold each other accountable in their walk with the Lord, in the way they treat their family members and how they witness for Christ in their environment.
9. For men to witness through the quality of their labor and behavior the Christian values they hold in such a way that others start asking about the reason for the hope that is in them.
10. For Christian men to understand the awesome privilege to serve the creator of the universe who has redeemed us to Himself in order to be His ambassadors on earth. Pray that their words and action would reflect God’s will, illuminating their environment with the transforming truth and hope of the Gospel.
11. For blue and white collar workers, for students and teachers and anyone who invests their time and effort to earn their ‘daily bread’ to do it heartily as to the Lord and not unto men.
12. For Christian artist to flee the lure of popularity and the applause of men and to give God the glory for their talents. Pray for them to walk circumspectly and in humble dependency on the Lord.
13. For Christian athletes, for men in the police force and the military that they honor the Name of Christ through their moral and ethical values.
14. For Christians in the media to be wise in the use of their position of influence. Pray they will articulate well the claims of Christ shining like lighthouse in the stormy night of sin and immorality that has engulfed our society.
15. For Christian men to develop friendships that allow for mutual accountability in the way they treat their family. Pray that they will have the strength from the Lord to discard sinful practices, even those that are encouraged by their culture.

Please pray for men in authority:

16. That men and women in leadership be governed by the fear of the Lord and have the wisdom and resolve to resist the lure of popularity and political correctness, using their influence and power to promote what is right, honorable and for the good of the people.
17. For spiritual and moral revival among judges and government leaders and for a reversal of the destructive trend in our nation where morality is been mocked at and immorality is being protected by law.
18. For government officials to have the courage to protect the unborn, defend freedom of religion, to promote family values and to speak up against the lobbying of minority groups that undermine Christian values.
19. For wisdom and humility for government leaders. Pray that they would have the courage to do what is right and not what is expedient, accepting their mandate aware of their ultimate responsibility to God.
20. For Christians who are in the political arena to walk in integrity and to be wise and steadfast in defending what is right and serves for the promotion of justice and peace.
21. For pastors and church leaders to be men of the Word. Pray that they will courageously protect and support women who are abused by other men. Pray that they will promote the care for the widows and orphans.
22. For God to intervene were governments are persecuting Christians by promoting an environment of hate, intolerance, corruption and violence. Pray for Christians who are persecuted to be strengthened in their faith, able to love their enemies, and to experience the hope of Christ in spite of their suffering.
23. For government leaders to have the moral strength and resolve to deal with the growing evil of sex-trafficking, the health crisis of Ebola and Aids, the slavery of men and women and the exploitation of the marginalized.

Please pray for Champions Arise (CA)

24. Thank the Lord for CA’s partnerships with the TheGathering, Every Man a Warrior, Adult Children of Divorce, the TWR national partners in the Netherlands, South Africa, Brazil, India and Indonesia.
25. Thank the Lord for men willing to pray for a spiritual revival among men. PTL for the small groups that come together regularly to pray for CA and for the expansion of other ministries for men in their own countries. Pray that many more will join CA’s prayer effort.
26. For Kent, Foster and Steve who, in spite of their heavy schedules have purposed to record another 42 CA programs at the beginning of the year. Pray also for Andy as he does the final production of the English CA series on extra time.
27. For Danie du Preez the director of TWR-South Africa who leads the CA-Afrikaans project and oversees the development of CA in Zulu and African English as well. Pray for anointing as he speaks at men retreats and encourages and equips pastors and ministry leaders in the care of the family.
28. For Bernard and Rinse, leaders of TWR-Netherland as they share the vision and burden for men’s ministry and encourage Christians in Holland to join in the support of CA and other vital mission projects in Africa and around the world.
29. Thank the Lord for generous donors who have given for the ministry expenses of CA so far. Please pray that many will understand the importance of this ministry of prayer, broad/narrow casting, and training of Christian men and open heart and hands for the CA project.
30. For Paul Amos as he administers the CA project in TWR and takes care of the website. Pray for Edmund Spieker as he shares the vision, oversees the development of the CA and is a spokesperson for the CA project at large.
31. For the global development of CA through the CA-Toolbox in cooperation with TWR’s national partners. Pray for ways to expand the partnership with EMAW combining CA’s audio material with their excellent study books for men. The EMAW handbooks are presently available in English and Spanish and have been requested for Brazil in Portuguese.