Prayer Points for December 2018

1. Christmas is a time of gift-giving, but husbands and fathers often feel pressure to spend too much money on presents. Pray that these men will come to acknowledge and demonstrate the principle of storing up treasures in heaven. (Matt. … Continue reading

Prayer Points for November 2018

1. Since God has bestowed on us every spiritual blessing, pray that fathers will model a life of contentment before their children. (Phil. 4:12) 2. Pride can cause a man to reject wisdom from his godly wife. Pray that husbands … Continue reading

Prayer Points for October 2018

1. Pray that men will model a life that is dependent on prayer (1 Thess. 5:17) and allow the authority they hold to be inspired by the example of Christ. 2. God purposely created males and females to be different, … Continue reading