Prayer Points for October 2019

God is in control – No matter what happens in your life, remember that God is in control. There has never been panic in heaven, and there never will be. Thank him for his love and concern. (Ps. 71:6)Be discerning … Continue reading

Prayer Points for September 2019

1. Heavenly Father, your law instructs us to love one another. However, my attempts to love always fail. My fleshly efforts fall short and end up being self-serving. I realize that you are the source of true love. Since the … Continue reading

Prayer Points for August 2019

When husbands and wives have disagreements, they often stop listening to each other’s perspective. Pray that God will stir husbands’ hearts to defend themselves less and seek deeper understanding by listening to their wives more. (Prov. 18:17) Men face many … Continue reading