shutterstock_88183813Champions Arise was born as a prayerful answer to a question from an African brother in Mozambique. Aware of the worldwide plight of women and TWR’s ministry through Project Hannah, he asked the challenging question, “Why doesn’t TWR have programs for men? We men need so much help!”

We agree! The need for men to take on their spiritual leadership role in the church is a crisis of tremendous proportion. There is a great need for mentoring, encouragement and discipling of men.

Champions Arise is a TWR initiative unique in its development and administration. CA differs from the typical TWR cooperating broadcaster model. With an emphasis on relationship and spiritual calling, TWR not only serves as a distributor of content, but as the initiator of a ministry built on prayer, and as provider of program content, partnerships and coordination.

The intent is to give much freedom to the producers in the various geographic regions to deliver ministry to men that is culturally sensitive and relevant in their home languages.

Vision Statement

Champions, Arise! is a men’s discipleship ministry which utilizes prayer, small groups, mass media, and technology to equip men to be all that God has called them to be.

Our Model: Jesus Christ, the supreme champion, who loved unconditionally, served humbly, obeyed his Father’s will, and paid the ultimate sacrifice to purchase eternal joy and salvation for all who believe.

Our Goal: To challenge, encourage and coach men worldwide to become champions of Christ, enabled by God’s Spirit to live out their true identity in Him, to run the race of faith in His power, inspiring others to do likewise.

Our Method: To encourage Christian men:
–> to embody Christ’s example, leading a life of humility, integrity and simplicity,
–> to build Christ-honoring relationships in family, church, work place and the community.
–> to be committed to prayer, study and living out God’s Word in every aspect of their lives.

Our Strategy: In cooperation with other men’s ministries, we utilize Christ-centered, grace-oriented content and emerging technologies to develop, translate, produce, distribute, and use radio and other media for teaching and coaching men throughout the world.

Champions Arise is a ministry of Trans World Radio (TWR).

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