Entrusted by God

It is a very high honor and privilege to entrusted by God to care for the hearts of women and children. Yet, around the world, women are hiding. Some hide behind veils so thick that not even their eyes are visible. Others are hiding in their homes, afraid to come out for fear of being raped or killed in time of war, or disfigured just because they dare to go to school. Hundreds of women have been burned alive by their own relatives in the name of “family honor.” Still others hide inside themselves, beaten down by daily abuse and neglect which hollows out the joy in their eyes, leaving only a sense of duty to keep them alive.

Project Hannah, a ministry of TWR, offers compassion, encouragement and hope to suffering women worldwide through prayer, awareness and radio programming. It is a ministry of women to women, but what can us men do to help? If God wanted to raise up prayer warriors, he would have called on widows who are the experts at intercessory prayer – and he has already done this in 121 countries.

But, he is also raising up men with whom he has been entrusted as stewards of great gifts, skills, and resources. Surely he wants us to do more than just shrug our shoulders, shake our heads, and wring our hands. God is calling us to rise up and be champions for those who cannot speak for or defend themselves.

But, of course, all this starts in our own homes. It is time for us to put down the paper, log off of the computer, pop out the ear buds, put away the cell phone, and care for the precious gifts from God he has placed into our care. The kindest thing we can do for them is to be committed disciples of Jesus Christ. The kindest thing we can do for women and children around the world is to help their fathers, husbands, and sons be committed disciples of Jesus Christ, too.

How about you? Will you rise up and be the champion God has called you to be?

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