Every Man a Warrior

No man wants to fail. Yet in our culture men are struggling to succeed in life. The battles they fight at home, at work, with their finances and in their walk with God can be overwhelming.

When marriages starts to unravel or children begin making bad choices, a lot of men withdraw; they just don’t know what to do!

Men need someone to coach them how to fight and win in the battles of life. That’s the purpose of Every Man a Warrior. It teaches men how to fight:

  • fight for their wife and marriage
  • fight for their children and their relationships with them
  • fight to walk with God, and do what’s right even when situations are tough
  • fight to keep money in the right perspective, and to make their life count for the eternal
  • fight to stay morally pure and view their job from God’s perspective
  • Join us for a study of Every Man a Warrior by The Navigators.

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