October Update

Praise God! We finally got our first English episode through the gauntlet of IPR agreements, scriptwriting, editing, production, and post-production!

The Champions Arise Toolkit currently consists our philosophy and guidelines and scripts for 52 episodes. Episodes 1-20 are based on Every Man a Warrior by Lonnie Berger. Episodes 21-43 are based on The Four Priorities by John Tolson and Larry Kreider. Episodes 43-52 are based on the writings by Kent Darcie of Adult Children of Divorce Ministries.

Interestingly, it was the 43rd episode that made it through the gauntlet first thanks to Kent Darcie. This is the first of ten episodes dealing with divorce. While Champions Arise will focus on many other men’s topics, it seems to be the Lord’s will that we should ‘boldly go where no man has gone before’ and deal with some difficult issues right away.

Hold on tight men, we might be in for a wild ride!

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